GCF of Three Numbers Worksheets

Refresh your repertoire with our free worksheets on GCF of three numbers if your devices of finding the greatest common factor feel old hat. Each printable resource in this engaging collection has ten problems each so you get heaps of prepping to improve your grasp of the topic. Calculating factors that are common to all three numbers and multiplying them to obtain the GCD is no child’s play, and only consistent practice will ensure you gain the skills to find the highest common factor like the back of your hand! There are multiple methods to get the greatest common factor of 3 numbers, but prime factorization is the most popular one. Have a blitz on our effective practice resources!

We recommend these pdf worksheets for students in the 5th grade and 6th grade.


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GCF of 3 Numbers
GCF of Three Numbers - Easy 1
GCF of Three Numbers - Easy 2
GCF of Three Numbers - Moderate 1
GCF of Three Numbers - Moderate 2

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