GCF Using Venn Diagram Worksheets

Take a surprise twist in your prepping with our free worksheets on finding GCF using Venn diagrams. Each pdf expects the students to complete the Venn diagram by following two basic steps. First, write down the factors in the appropriate circles and write the common factors in the area common to both circles, and second, identify the highest of the common factors in the intersected region. Remind the learners that it is extremely important that they list the factors and common factors of the 2 numerals separately. Our worksheets on greatest common factor using Venn diagrams serve as an excellent visual representation of the relationship between numbers and therefore help learners find the HCF like a pro!

We recommend these printable tools for grade 5 and grade 6 students.


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GCF Using Venn Diagram
GCF Using Venn Diagram - Easy 1
GCF Using Venn Diagram - Easy 2
GCF Using Venn Diagram - Moderate 1
GCF Using Venn Diagram - Moderate 2

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