Adding Unlike Fractions (Different Denominators) Worksheets

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Our printable adding unlike fractions worksheets help transform an otherwise daunting task of adding fractions with different denominators into a snap! A gold mine of free resources, these pdfs are inspired by the fact that when children add using a sequence of steps, they breeze through the hardest addition tasks and staying on a par with their arithmetically gifted peers becomes a piece of cake. The first step is to find the least common multiple of the denominators and then rewrite the given fractions as equivalent fractions. Add the numerators and remember to reduce the answer to its lowest term.

These pdf worksheets are most recommended for students in grade 4 and grade 5.


Adding Proper Fractions | Worksheet #1

Help children in grade 4 master adding proper fractions at their own pace with this free adding unlike fractions pdf worksheet! Direct students to find the LCM of the denominators, rewrite the fractions as equivalent fractions and add the equivalent fractions.

Adding Proper Fractions 1

Adding Proper Fractions | Worksheet #2

Take advantage of the expertise in our free printable adding unlike fractions worksheet for the required know-how to add proper fractions with unlike denominators.

Adding Proper Fractions 2

Adding Improper Fractions | Worksheet #1

Take pride as your 5th grade learners turn into math wizards who are phenomenal at adding improper fractions with different denominators!

Adding Improper Fractions 1

Adding Improper Fractions | Worksheet #2

We bet our free worksheet will help you gain impeccable accuracy while adding improper fractions with unlike denominators! Once you find the common denominator, use the rules of fraction and add the numerators. Represent the answer as a mixed number.

Adding Improper Fractions 2

Adding Proper and Improper Fractions

Packed with proper and improper fractions, this printable worksheet allows students in grade 5 to seamlessly add unlike fractions by scaling both fractions to make the denominators equal and represent the answer in its lowest term or as a mixed number.

Adding Proper and Improper Fractions