Equivalent Fractions Word Problems Worksheets

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Scratching around for word problems on equivalence of fractions inspired by real life? Now that you've found our free worksheets on equivalent fractions word problems, you won't need to scout any longer! Consider this situation. Alex and Anna order two medium cheese pizzas. Alex cuts his pizza into 6 slices, and he eats 3 of them. Anna cuts hers into 8 slices. If she eats an equal quantity of pizza as Alex, how many slices does Anna eat? Our pdf worksheets abound in such scenarios. You'll need to set up the equation, which in this case is 3/6 = x/8, cross-multiply the fraction as 24 = 6x here, and solve for x. That would mean Anna ate 4 out of the 8 slices. The word problems are all yours!

Our printable equivalent fraction word problems worksheets are ideal for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.