Ordering Fractions Worksheets

Our free printable ordering fractions worksheets might be the sanctuary learners are seeking to let their ordering skills flourish. These resources feature visual models, number lines, fractions, and mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators, and more. Our ordering fraction pdfs include answer key to facilitate instant verification of students' answers.

Our printable resources are suited for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 students.

Ordering Fractions with Like Denominators

Can the 5th grade kids arrange fraction numbers in increasing and decreasing order correctly? Though it seems like a cakewalk, do practice enough and let your fraction sorting skills rapidly thrive.

Ordering Fractions Using Number Lines

Geek out over these pdf worksheets, which make ordering fractions using number lines an absolute breeze! Plotting the fractions on number lines will aid 3rd grade and 4th grade children in sorting fractions with clarity.

Ordering Fractions Using Visual Models

Nothing beats the joy of learning with a visual stimulus, and our printable worksheets on ordering fractions using visual models are proof! Grab these pdf worksheets and gobble up tons of sorting fraction practice.

Ordering Fractions with Different Denominators

This section of our printable ordering fractions worksheets focuses on sorting fractions having different denominators. Ace the task of writing the ascending and descending order of fractions having unlike denominators here.

Ordering Mixed Numbers

Let the bundles of energy in grade 4 and grade 5 direct part of their enthusiasm to sorting mixed numbers! Once they determine the equivalent fractions for the numbers, this challenge will feel like a walk in the park.

Ordering Mixed Numbers

Ordering Fractions | MCQ

Scrounge around our ordering fractions MCQ worksheets for profuse practice. Avail these resources to familiarize children with ordering fractions. Ideal for educators to assess how well their child can sort fractions!

Comparing Fractions

Exhibit nuance and range while comparing fractions, with our printable worksheets. Prepping at its most effective, these resources work well to broaden the child’s understanding of the fraction comparison concept.

Comparing Fractions