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Thanks primarily to their ease, our printable worksheets on ordering fractions with different denominators are a cut above the rest! Can you order these fractions from least to greatest: 9/2, 3/4, 1/8, 11/7? Drill into yourself that every proper fraction has a value < 1 and all improper fractions are > 1. This way, we can organize the proper fractions before we do so with the improper ones in these free pdfs. To answer the earlier question, compare the proper fractions as 3/4 > 1/8 using the benchmark 1/2. Now to compare 9/2 and 11/7, use their like fraction equivalents: 63/14 and 22/14.63 > 22 ⇒ 9/2 > 11/7. So, the increasing order is 1/8, 3/4, 11/7, 9/2!

Our free ordering fractions with unlike denominators worksheets are ideal for grade 4 and grade 5.


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