Ordering Mixed Numbers Worksheets

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Scrounge around our printable ordering mixed numbers worksheets for profuse practice on arranging mixed numbers in order from least to greatest and the other way around! Our pdf worksheets offer spot-on exercises on arranging mixed numbers with same denominators in ascending order and descending order as well as sorting mixed numbers with different denominators in increasing and decreasing order. Part of the skills required to solve these exercises are rewriting mixed numbers as fractions, comparing their sizes, and creating equivalent fractions. Rise to the occasion each time, and whip the mixed numbers into shape!

We suggest our free ordering mixed fractions worksheets for grade 4 and grade 5.

Ordering Mixed Numbers | Like Denominators

Ordering mixed numbers with like denominators is easy as pie! Simply compare the whole-number parts and the numerator, and arrange the mixed numbers in increasing and decreasing order.

Ordering Mixed Numbers | Different Denominators

Assess 4th grade and 5th grade children's ordering skills with these printable ordering mixed numbers worksheets! Remind them that the process has three steps: converting to fractions, creating common denominators, and ordering.

Ordering Fractions and Mixed Numbers

These exercises present fractions and mixed numbers together for ordering. Swing into action, switch the mixed numbers to fractions, and streak ahead organizing in these pdf worksheets on ordering mixed numbers and fractions!