Subtracting Unlike Fractions Worksheets

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Our subtracting unlike fractions worksheets, complete with answer keys, provide essential practice in subtracting fractions with different denominators. Starting with exercises using fraction strips, children progress through subtracting unit fractions, proper unlike fractions, and improper unlike fractions. Revision exercises join the crew adding fun to the learning experience. Start your journey with our free subtracting fractions with unlike denominators worksheets.

Subtracting Unlike Fractions with Fraction Strips

Visualize subtracting unlike fractions modeled using fraction strips of the same whole partitioned differently and find the difference between two fractions.

Subtracting Unlike Fractions with Fraction Strips

Subtracting Unit Fractions

Find the LCM after replacing unlike fractions with equivalent fractions, and then subtract the numerators to find the difference in these printables.

Subtracting Unit Fractions

Subtracting Unlike Fractions | Word Problems

With the option to choose between customary and metric units of measurement, these problems involving application of subtraction skills in everyday life are a true game changer.

Subtracting Unlike Fractions - Word Problems
  • Customary Units
  • Metric Units

Subtracting Unlike Fractions | Proper

Tackle each subtracting unlike fractions worksheet by determining the LCM of the denominators, rewriting the fractions, and subtracting the numerators to arrive at the answer.

Subtracting Unlike Fractions - Proper

Subtracting Unlike Fractions | Improper

Get instant access to this no-prep pdf resource and watch kids subtract unlike fractions greater than one like a pro.

Subtracting Unlike Fractions - Improper

Fraction Subtraction | Revision

Recapitulate skills acquired using these practice sheets that offer a dynamic mix of proper and improper, unlike fraction subtraction challenges to conquer.

Fraction Subtraction - Revision

Subtracting Unlike Fractions with Word Problems

Standard fraction subtraction problems team with real-life word problems to sharpen subtraction skills and help apply them to practical situations.

Subtracting Unlike Fractions with Word Problems

Identifying Missing Fractions

Spark interest with these worksheets on subtracting fractions with different denominators that challenge young learners to write the missing fractional component to complete the equation.

Identifying Missing Fractions