Common Logarithms Worksheets

Nudge children toward our free common logarithms worksheets that offer vast amounts of prepping to help students understand the topic soup to nuts. Since common logarithms have a fixed base of 10, they are also called decimal logarithms, or decadic logarithms. These common logs pdfs contain logarithmic expressions and equations with the base ten.

These pdf common logs worksheets are most recommended for high school students.

Evaluating Common Logarithmic Expressions

Guide high school students to calculate the values of logarithmic expressions and round them to two decimal places in these printable common logarithms worksheets that are a great addition to their logarithm repertoire!

Solving Common Logarithmic Equations

Let students recapitulate and use logarithmic properties like the product rule, quotient rule, and power rule to simplify equations; enter the simplified equations in a calculator, and obtain the solutions.