Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions Worksheets

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Display your logarithmic exploits with our free, printable worksheets on evaluating logarithmic expressions! This collection is packed full of expressions with logs of base 10, e, or any number; the task is performing operations on logs with same and different bases. Apply the various rules of logarithms, perform the rendered operations with logarithms, and evaluate the logarithmic expressions in these exercises.

These pdf evaluating logs worksheets are appropriate for high school students.

Evaluating Logarithms Using Power Rule - Easy

What is log2 23 ? As per the power rule of logarithms, we'll have 3 log2 2, which in turn will be 3. Dive in to evaluate tons of similar expressions in these printable worksheets!

Evaluating Logarithms Using Power Rule - Moderate

In these moderately challenging evaluating logarithms worksheets, high school math enthusiasts are expected to use the power rule to evaluate the given expressions.

Evaluating Logarithms Using Power Rule - Difficult

Amp up the challenge with these difficult-level, printable worksheets on evaluating logs using the power rule, where high school students flex their mastery in the topic.

Evaluating Logarithms Using Quotient Rule

Practice these worksheets and make headway in subtracting logs with the same base. Bring the quotient rule into play and find the value of the expressions.

Evaluating Logarithms Using Product Rule

The product rule of logarithms is used to add logs with the same base. Access these printable evaluating logarithmic expressions worksheets and solve the problems one by one.

Change of Base Rule in Logarithms

Can we add, subtract, multiply, or divide logs with different bases? It's a yes if we know the change of base rule of logs. Absorb the property and evaluate logs with a flourish in these exercises!

Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions - Easy

Assess how fast you can implement the apt log rules and determine the value of a logarithmic expression in these easy-level evaluating logs worksheets pdf for high school.

Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions - Moderate

Scale up your skills with these pdfs where the logs have the arguments and bases in fractions apart from whole numbers. Evaluate them using the relevant rules.

Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions - Difficult

Presenting arguments raised to integer powers and fractional bases, these evaluating logarithmic expressions pdfs are challenging. Complete them and steal a march on your peers!

Evaluating Logarithms Using a Calculator

Bring a calculator into class and complete these worksheets on evaluating logs using a calculator. Remember to use the 'ln' button for a natural logarithm and the 'Log' button for a common logarithm.