Natural Logarithms Worksheets

Saunter into our free, printable natural logarithms worksheets and enhance your knowledge of the topic at a leisurely pace. Before you begin solving these pdfs, pound it into your heads that natural logarithms are the logarithms to the base e of a number. The e (Euler's number) has an approximate value of 2.71.

These pdf natural logarithms worksheets are most recommended for high school students.

Evaluating Natural Logarithmic Expressions

Let high school kids evaluate logarithms and expressions using a calculator. Remember that the product rule is ln(x · y) = ln(x) + ln(y), the quotient rule is ln(x/y) = ln(x) – ln(y), and the power rule ln(xy) = y · ln(x).

Solving Natural Logarithmic Equations

Our natural logarithms pdfs are synonymous with more prolific learning and more profound practice. Instruct children to solve the natural logarithmic equations based on the fundamental logarithm rules.