Midpoint of a Line Segment Worksheets

What could trump this batch of printable midpoint of a line segment worksheets that provides students with the essential practice in using a grid to locate the midpoint? There are many instances in real-world where we use the xy-plane to locate the coordinates. For instance, Amanda is creating the map of her town on a grid for her school project. She draws a line segment from point A, denoting her home to point B, representing her school. If the library is located exactly halfway between her home and school, at what coordinates should Amanda mark the location of the library? Amanda finds the x and y coordinates of her home and school by observing the line segment on the coordinate plane. To find the location of the library that is equidistant from her home and school, she plugs the coordinates into the formula, and finds the average of the two x-coordinates and the y-coordinates. Our pdfs with nine grids, each are just the thing you need to visualize and locate coordinates and escalate skills in finding midpoints to deal with real-life problems like these efficiently.

These worksheets are an instant practice resource for high school students.

CCSS: L.1.1.H

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