Evaluating Expressions with Exponents Worksheets

Open up to a multitude of arithmetic expressions containing exponents with our free printable evaluating expressions involving exponents worksheets. Note that the numbers and the four arithmetic operators aren't the only term(s) that numerical expressions can have; exponents can be their term(s) too. The pdf exercises include finding the value of expressions with one or more exponential notations in place, comparing two expressions with exponents, matching equivalent expressions, and finding the missing term of an expression. Let your practice of evaluating expressions turn over a new leaf!

These worksheets are suitable for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade children.

Exponents - Level 1 | Easy

Grab these pdf exercises to give evaluating expressions involving exponents a firm foundation! Practice expressions containing single exponential notations with whole numbers up to 5 as powers and up to 10 as bases.

Exponents - Level 1 - Easy

Exponents - Level 1 | Moderate

Unleash your potential with these moderate worksheets for evaluating expressions containing exponents with integer bases as one of their terms. Recall that a negative number raised to an even power gives a positive result.

Exponents - Level 1 - Moderate

Exponents - Level 2 | Easy

Let brilliance shine through by adding to your repertoire these level 2 worksheets that offer practice in recognizing and evaluating expressions with two exponential notations and up to four operators.

Exponents - Level 2 - Easy

Exponents - Level 2 | Moderate

Reducing to negative values, the expressions in these moderate-level pdfs might trip grade 6 and grade 7 kids. Simplify the term with an exponent, and follow the order of operations to figure out the value.

Exponents - Level 2 - Moderate

Evaluating Expressions with Parentheses and Exponents Worksheets

Encourage middle school math maestros to tackle these printable worksheets, where they effortlessly evaluate expressions featuring exponents within or outside parentheses.

Evaluating Expressions with Parentheses and Exponents Worksheets

Comparing Two Expressions with Exponents

Equivalent expressions result in the same value. Determine if two expressions are equivalent in Part A. Compare two expressions using <, >, and = symbols in part B. Match the equivalent expressions in part C.

Comparing Two Expressions with Exponents

Missing Number

How good are grade 7 and grade 8 kids at finding a missing term in an expression? In these printables, rearrange the equation with the missing term as the subject, do the simplification, and solve for the unknown number.

Missing Number