Ordering 3-Digit Numbers Worksheets

Our free, printable collection of ordering 3-digit numbers worksheets not only get students ready to order numbers from 100 to 999 with utmost accuracy, but also help embellish their number sense and observation skills. Children are tasked with writing numbers in increasing order from the smallest to the largest and then in decreasing order from the largest to the smallest numbers.

These pdf worksheets are designed to improve the number-ordering skills of grade 2 and grade 3 kids.

Ordering 3-Digit Numbers | Standard

Instruct 2nd grade kids to observe the hundreds place and then the tens and ones, to look for the largest or the smallest values when ordering 3-digit numbers in increasing and decreasing order.

Arranging 3-Digit Numbers Using Symbols

Supplement the well-structured curriculum at school with these 3rd-grade printable worksheets. Familiarize learners with comparing and ordering a range of numbers using the < or > symbol.

Ordering 3-Digit Numbers in a Place Value Box

Using their place value skills coupled with this collection of ordering 3-digit numbers worksheets, young mathematicians in grade 2 and grade 3 can get a good grasp of the basics of ordering.