Ordering 5-Digit Numbers Worksheets

Encourage young learners to answer our printable ordering 5-digit numbers worksheets and get an instant response to questions that call for arranging numbers from smallest to largest and vice versa. Included in this collection are exercises where kids line up sets of 5-digit numbers in the ascending or descending order, brining to the forefront of their minds the place value system from ones place up to ten thousands place.

Our ordering 5-digit numbers worksheet pdfs are best suited for children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

Ordering 5-Digit Numbers | Standard

Watch 3rd grade children pore over the place values of the digits from the left to the right, compare the digits in respective positions, and order the numbers from the least to greatest and vice versa.

Arranging 5-Digit Numbers Using Symbols

Kids in 4th grade observe the inequality symbols and rearrange each set of numbers in the ascending or descending order with these printable worksheets on arranging 5-digit numbers using symbols.

Ordering 5-Digit Numbers in a Place Value Box

Instruct 5th grade learners to slot the digits of the numbers in the place value boxes and arrange the numbers in the increasing or decreasing order in these pdf ordering 5-digit numbers worksheets.