Ordering 6-Digit Numbers Worksheets

Before we get the show on the road with our printable ordering 6-digit numbers worksheets, let's talk a few instances where ordering is at play. Seasons, months, petals of flowers, wings of birds - everything around us has order, and numbers in math are no different! Let children warm up to such orders and easily arrange 6-digit numbers from the greatest to the least or from the least to the greatest, with these worksheets.

Our pdf worksheets on ordering 6-digit numbers are suitable for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 children.

Ordering 6-Digit Numbers | Standard

In this section, 3rd grade kids study the place values of digits in sets of five numbers and arrange the 6-digit whole numbers from the smallest to the biggest and from the biggest to the smallest.

Arranging 6-Digit Numbers Using Symbols

Get 4th grade and 5th grade kids to line up the 6-digit numbers in ascending or descending order based on the inequality symbols given in these pdf worksheets on arranging 6-digit numbers using symbols.

Ordering 6-Digit Numbers in a Place Value Box

Arrange the numbers in increasing or decreasing order within place value boxes starting from the ones place to the hundred thousands place in these printable ordering 6-digit numbers worksheets.