Writing 5-Digit Numbers in Words Worksheets

Take your writing numbers in words skill one big notch up with our free, printable, writing 5-digit numbers in words worksheets. The key, as always, is to have a near-thorough knowledge of the place values – units, tens, hundreds, thousands, and ten thousand – that form a five-digit number. Remember, every progressive place value is the earlier place value multiplied by 10. If this still sounds Greek to you, which is highly unlikely though, go straight to the worksheets, where there are loads of 5-digit numbers waiting for you. Try writing each number in words and vice versa.

These pdf resources work brilliantly well for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.


Write in Words | Worksheet #1

We now go to 5-digit numbers, a bunch that excites and a wee bit tricks learners with their conversion. Our free printable 3rd grade worksheet helps big time. This is how to do it – begin the name with the number of thousands and move on to the next place value.

Write in Words 1

Write in Words | Worksheet #2

Provide more practice in writing equivalent number names for the given numerals with this exclusive free pdf and transform the young learners into math whizzes. Look carefully at each digit, identify the place value of each digit, and jot down the number name.

Write in Words 2

Write Numbers to Words | Worksheet #1

If writing names for numbers is here, can writing numbers for names be far behind? The key is to attentively read and accurately identify each number name so writing its numeral counterpart is hardly a thing to worry about.

Write Numbers to Words 1

Write Numbers to Words | Worksheet #2

Keep the grade 3 and grade 4 children engaged with this worksheet on writing corresponding 5-digit numbers for the given number names. This exercise helps improve the learner’s flexibility and fluidity with 5-digit numbers.

Write Numbers to Words 2

5-Digit Number Names | Revision Worksheet #1

Encourage children to dive deeper into number names with this free printable worksheet. Let them first correctly spell the number names and then read the number names to represent them in numerical notation. Remember to verify the answers with the answer key.

5-Digit Number Names 1

5-Digit Number Names | Revision Worksheet #2

The more you review number names the brighter your prospects become. Jam-packed with number names and 5-digit numbers, this worksheet is drafted to help the 4th grade and 5th grade students to effectively learn converting between number names and numbers and become well-versed with the process.

5-Digit Number Names 2

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