6-Digit Numbers in Words Worksheets

Give children a wealth of practice writing 6-digit numbers in words as well as expressing the word names as numbers with our printable, pdf worksheets! Help them adeptly convert the number while strictly playing by the conventions of place value applicable for six-digit numbers. Keep them informed of how numbers are used in the spoken language, too. At the end of practice, clarity on numbers, quantities, and names is guaranteed.

Our free worksheets are perfect for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade children.


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Write 6-Digit Numbers in Words | Worksheet #1

Give every 6-digit number its due attention, or you will be numerically deprived! Practice writing hundred thousands in words with this exercise. Get kids to bring their place value skills into play and name the 6-digit numbers here.

Write 6-Digit Numbers in Words 1

Write 6-Digit Numbers in Words | Worksheet #2

Be sure children in grade 3 and grade 4 are au fait with the rules of numbers in words. Let them know that a comma separates thousands from ones, tens, and hundreds places. Encourage them to name the digits on either side of the comma accordingly.

Write 6-Digit Numbers in Words 2

Express Word Names as 6-Digit Numbers | Worksheet #1

How easily can you write this long name as a number – nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine? Confused? It’s so simple! Just list the numbers according to their place values as you read. In this case, it’s 999,999. Translate such names to numbers in a flash!

Express Word Names as 6-Digit Numbers 1

Express Word Names as 6-Digit Numbers | Worksheet #2

You will now crave for more tasks in writing 6-digit numbers for words! Presenting a dozen names of numbers for practice, this pdf worksheet serves well in assessing the number-naming skills of students. Set the timer and task them with converting the word form to standard form.

Express Word Names as 6-Digit Numbers 2

6-Digit Number Names | Revision Worksheet #1

Mix it to fix it! Here comes an excellent exercise offering a combined review of 6-digit number names. Convert from the standard form to word form in part A, and vice versa in part B. It’s two birds that you are hitting with just one stone!

6-Digit Number Names - Revision 1

6-Digit Number Names | Revision Worksheet #2

A must-have for grade 4 and grade 5 learners, this printable practice material helps revisit place value and the role played by suffixes in naming numbers as well as translating the names to numerals.

6-Digit Number Names - Revision 2

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