Decimals in Words Worksheets

Here’s presenting an exclusive collection of decimals in words worksheets for young students to understand how to name and write decimal numbers correctly. The number of digits in each decimal number varies throughout each of these free printable exercises. These pdf worksheets help students review the concept of decimal numbers while converting between words and number values.

We suggest these resources for young learners in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.


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Write Decimals in Words | Worksheet #1

Get children to identify and write down the number names for decimal values between 3-digit and 6-digit numbers summa cum laude. Allow them to use answer keys to verify their results.

Write Decimals in Words 1

Write Decimals in Words | Worksheet #2

Eliminate any confusion your little genius may have while writing decimal numbers in words!

Write Decimals in Words 2

Express Number Names as Decimals | Worksheet #1

Ensure students get scads of practice in writing number names to decimals in this pdf worksheet. Strongly recommended for grade 4 and grade 5.

Express Number Names as Decimals 1

Express Number Names as Decimals | Worksheet #2

An additional practice resource for active learners, this free worksheet contains 10 exclusive decimal in words questions. Students are required to determine and write the correct decimal numbers represented by the given words.

Express Number Names as Decimals 2

Decimals in Words | Revision Worksheet #1

Students will find 2 sections to get all the practice they need and verify all that they know about decimal numbers. The task is to write decimals in number words and vice versa. Suitable for grade 5 and grade 6.

Decimals in Words - Revision 1

Decimals in Words | Revision Worksheet #2

Employ this must-have practice tool for 6th graders and encourage them to display their skills in identifying and writing decimals in words and number names to decimals accurately.

Decimals in Words - Revision 2

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