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The exercises in our free left and right worksheets should be right down children's alley! Not only are the pdf worksheets no-prep, they help kids be familiar with the concept of left and right as diversely as could be, making the process of understanding which side is the left and which side is the right super-easy. Chock-full of colorful pictures, the practice will ensure children have a blast as they study and determine the positions of the specified objects. Stay right on track by verifying your child's answers with the included answer key.

These pdf worksheets are recommended for students in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1.

Left and Right | Worksheet #1

Practice recognizing left and right and never take a break until you master this important skill for life! Gain fascinating insights into the topic by checking or coloring the object on the right or the left, as specified in the instructions.

Left and Right 1

Left and Right | Worksheet #2

Few position words matter more than right and left! Aside from building tons of awareness about the left and right sides, our free right and left worksheet, teeming with additional practice, keeps children amused through and through.

Left and Right 2

Facing Left or Right

Employ these pdf practice resources to help yourself go up a notch and support your understanding of the right and left concept. Enjoy applying your skills and determining the left and right directions to your heart's content!

Facing Left or Right

Left, Middle, and Right

We bet that kindergarten and 1st grade kids cannot resist our printable worksheet on left, middle, and right! It's that time of positional words practice when they relish testing their knowledge on the three positions.

Left, Middle, and Right