Drawing Tally Marks Worksheets

Fulfill your little ones' learning requirements with our printable drawing tally marks worksheets. With 8 exercises involving numbers up to 25, each free pdf here offers a lot. Secure a wealth of effective, hands-on practice in drawing vertical and diagonal strokes to display the numerals using tally symbols. Instruct kids to draw a diagonal line across the previous four vertical lines for every fifth mark. Depending on the actual numeral in the question, students can continue to draw vertical lines until they need to make the fifth slanted line again. Making tallies marked in groups of 5 greatly enhances quantitative understanding and numeracy skills among young learners. Don't let your children miss out on this treasure trove of learning!

These free resources are most helpful for grade 1 and grade 2 students.


Drawing Tally Marks
Drawing Tally Marks 1
Drawing Tally Marks 2
Drawing Tally Marks 3