Convert between Celsius and Kelvin Worksheets

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Scale up the practice ladder with our free, printable converting between Celsius and Kelvin worksheets, and transition effortlessly between these two scales of temperature. Start off by converting temperatures given in Celsius to their Kelvin equivalents, before reorienting toward Kelvin values to be converted to Celsius. Finally, enjoy a quick review by performing both the tasks in quick succession.

Our pdf worksheets on converting between Celsius and Kelvin are best suited for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 kids.

Converting Temperature from Celsius to Kelvin

The formula K = C + 273.15 is front and center in each of these converting Celsius to Kelvin worksheet pdfs, where 3rd grade children also sort out a word problem so the practice feels full-spectrum.

Converting Temperature from Kelvin to Celsius

These worksheets on converting Kelvin to Celsius require 4th grade kids to use the formula C = K – 273.15 to convert the given temperatures and puzzle out a few word problems whose realistic scenarios are compelling.

Converting between Celsius and Kelvin

These printable worksheets give 5th grade learners a quick rundown on converting temperatures from Celsius to Kelvin and vice versa by getting them to brush up on the relevant formulas.