Equivalent Algebraic Expressions Worksheets

Swing into action with our equivalent algebraic expressions pdf worksheets! Stacked into these printables are multiple-choice questions on identifying equivalent algebraic expressions. You might find two to three alternatives, equivalent to the expression given. Consider these expressions: 2(x - 12x) and -2(11x). Are they equivalent? Let's find out! Equivalent expressions yield the same number when evaluated. In other words, they are the same in their simplest forms. Regardless of which value we substitute for x here, we obtain the same result in both cases. Also, the simplest form of both expressions is -22x. Hence, they are equivalent. So, either evaluate or simplify the single-variable expressions, check if they are equivalent or not, and answer the MCQs accordingly.

Our worksheets on identifying equivalent expressions are ideal for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.