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Access our exclusive collection of free area of composite shapes worksheets and take advantage of the lifehacks it provides to enhance the productivity and efficiency while finding the area of compound figures. Just as breaking a difficult task into simple activities is how it is best accomplished, partitioning complex shapes into simple geometric figures is how the job gets done here!

These pdf resources are designed for 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school students.

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Adding Regions

Instruct 7th-grade kids to decompose the composite figures (or compound shapes) into simple ones, find the areas of the simple shapes, and then add them together to determine the area of the shaded region.

Adding Regions - Customary

Subtracting Regions

In these area of compound shapes pdfs , learners in grade 7 and grade 8 mentally work out the basic shapes involved, calculate the area of those geometric shapes individually, and subtract them to find the answer.

Subtracting Regions - Customary

Adding and Subtracting Regions

See how effectively students in 8th grade and high school break down each composite shape, find the area of the individual geometric figures, and solve the illustrated problems in these area of composite shapes worksheets.

Adding and Subtracting Regions - Customary

Finding Area of Rectangular Paths | Level 1

Split the shape into smaller rectangles, calculate the areas of the smaller rectangle, and add/subtract to find the area of the highlighted portion.

Finding Area of Rectangular Paths - Level 1 - Customary

Finding Area of Rectangular Paths | Level 2

This bundle of printable worksheets has excellent practice in store for learners to find the area of rectangular paths.

Finding Area of Rectangular Paths - Level 2 - Customary

Area of Rectilinear Figures

Watch how brilliantly students tackle this collection of printable worksheets! Young learners have to decompose the given figure into simple shapes to find the area of the rectilinear figure.

Area of Rectilinear Figures