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Augment practice with our free, printable area of rectilinear figures worksheets. Let not the word “rectilinear” baffle your kids, as these are just some rectangles put together. Watch children start off with two levels of rectilinear shapes shaded in grids, before proceeding to figures composed of L shapes. This collection, which makes calculations quite a cinch, also offers practice in finding the area of rectangular paths.

Our pdf area of rectilinear shapes worksheets suit the requirements of kids in grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

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Area of Rectilinear Figures - Grid | Level 1

The 3rd grade kids enjoy a cracker of an exercise in these printable worksheets, where the rectilinear shapes are shaded in grades. Observe the scale and count the number of blocks to find the area.

Area of Rectilinear Figures - Grid | Level 2

Amp up the challenge for 4th grade and 5th grade learners by instructing them to count the number of blocks shaded, and multiply with the given scale to determine the area of each rectilinear shape.

Area of Rectilinear Figures - L-Shapes

L-shaped figures are front and center in these printable worksheets on finding the area of rectilinear shapes. Children are required to unleash their inner math genius to complete them.

Area of Rectilinear Figures

This section of our pdf area of rectilinear figures worksheets requires 6th grade kids to find the areas of non-overlapping squares or rectangles hidden inside the rectilinear figure and to add them up.

Area of Rectangular Paths Worksheets

Watch your children unleash their geometric genius on this collection of worksheets! Encourage them to quickly get into the groove and figure out the area of rectangular paths.

Area of Rectangular Paths Worksheets