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Our free, printable worksheets with arithmetic series word problems are a mirror held to real-life applications of arithmetic series. Take a look at this scenario. Alice, an editor, has to proofread a 36-page article. She edits 1 page on the first day, 3 pages on the second day, 5 pages on the third day, and so on. How many days will the job take her? The question is on the number of terms (n), and we have the first term (a) = 1, the common difference (d) = 2, and the sum to n terms (Sn) = 36. Plugging the known values in Sn = n(2a+(n-1)d)/2, rearranging, and solving for n, we get n = 6. So Alice needs 6 days to do the proofreading. Leap in to practice such intriguing scenarios in this pdf!

Our word problems on arithmetic series are particularly useful for grade 8 and high school students.