Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Worksheets

With our free comparing 3-digit numbers worksheets, comparing up to 999 exudes enthusiasm in spades. These printables help kids compare three-digit numbers using the comparison signs – less than (<), greater than (>), and equal to (=) – and find the largest and smallest numbers from the given sets. Students must first examine the hundreds place value, followed by the tens and the ones place value while comparing three-digit numbers simultaneously in these pdf worksheets.

These free printables are recommended for grade 2 and grade 3 students.


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Comparing 3-Digit Numbers | Worksheet #1

Divided into 3 sections, this free worksheet gets kids instantly finding their feet in comparing pairs and sets of 3-digit numbers and using the comparison operators '<', '>', and '=' with nuance. Suggested for 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers 1

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers | Worksheet #2

Enjoy an effortless spell of comparing 3-digit numbers as your young achievers solve our meticulously curated exercises! This is a great practice tool for comparing numbers from 100 to 999 using the equality and inequality symbols.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers 2

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - MCQ | Worksheet #1

Don't let go of any opportunity to better your child's comparison skills! Let them examine and choose from the 4 alternatives and fill in the blanks with ‘is less than’, ‘is greater than’ or ‘is equal to’ as they compare three-digit numbers accurately.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - MCQ 1

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - MCQ | Worksheet #2

By smartly incorporating MCQ and fill-in-the-blank exercises, this free pdf worksheet helps significantly advance your students’ learning of comparing 3-digit numbers. Use answer keys to verify the results.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - MCQ 2

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - Cut & Glue | Worksheet #1

This printable activity worksheet, set abuzz with Lizzie, the greedy alligator, who always opens her snout to gobble up the larger number, is sheer comparing delight.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - Cut and Glue 1

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - Cut & Glue | Worksheet #2

Comparing 3-digit numbers has never been so inviting! You can help stimulate mental creativity and guide kids to cut and glue the pictures as they learn to compare numbers using the smaller than (<) and greater than (>) symbols.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - Cut and Glue 2

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