Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Worksheets

Exude enthusiasm in spades as you cruise through our free, printable comparing 3-digit numbers worksheets. These worksheets help young learners compare three-digit numbers using the comparison signs: less than (<), greater than (>), and equal to (=), and also find the largest and smallest numbers from the given sets. Examine the hundreds place value first, followed by the tens and then the ones place value, while comparing 3-digit numbers up to 999.

These pdf comparing three-digit numbers worksheets are recommended for grade 2 and grade 3 kids.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Using Symbols

Delight 2nd grade children with these exercises, where they compare 3-digit numbers to ascertain if one is greater than or less than the other, or if both are equal, using the correct symbols.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Using Base Ten Blocks

These printable comparing 3-digit numbers worksheets feature 3-digit numbers represented using base ten blocks. Kids must write the appropriate equality or inequality symbol in the space provided.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - Standard and Circling

Divided into 3 sections, these worksheet pdfs get 3rd grade kids comparing pairs and sets of 3-digit numbers. Determine the largest or smallest number in sets and use the symbols to compare pairs.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - MCQ and Words

By smartly incorporating MCQ and fill-in-the-blank exercises, these comparing 3-digit numbers worksheet pdfs help significantly advance your kids’ learning of 3-digit number comparison.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers - Cut & Glue

These printable worksheets on comparison of 3-digit numbers, set abuzz with Lizzie, a greedy alligator who always opens her snout to gobble up the larger number, are sheer comparing delight.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers – Symbols and Words

Apart from using the three comparison operators '<', '>', and '=' with nuance, budding math wizards in grade 2 and grade 3 are also required to write the comparison in words in these worksheets.