Comparing 4-Digit Numbers Worksheets

Our free, printable comparing 4-digit numbers worksheets help kids master comparison, making it a more diligent affair. Compare the digits in the thousands place first; move on to hundreds, then tens, and finally ones. Follow these steps to compare pairs of 4-digit numbers using the appropriate symbols (>, <, or =), identify the greatest and smallest numbers among sets of three 4-digit numbers, and also use base ten blocks for comparison of 4-digit numbers.

These pdf comparing 4-digit numbers worksheets are best suited for grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 children.

Comparing 4-Digit Numbers Using Symbols

In these printable exercises, 2nd grade and 3rd grade children revisit symbols of inequality and equality as they compare pairs of 4-digit numbers, placing the correct symbol in the space provided.

Comparing 4-Digit Numbers Using Base Ten Blocks

These printable comparing 4-digit numbers worksheets have numbers depicted using base ten blocks. Kids identify if one number is greater than or less than the other, or if both are equal.

Comparing 4-Digit Numbers - Standard and Circling

Finding the greatest and smallest value from sets of three numbers and comparing pairs of numbers are the tasks for 4th grade kids in these pdf worksheets on comparison of 4-digit numbers.