Comparing 4-Digit Numbers Worksheets

We casually compare a lot of things in our everyday lives. But, when it comes to numbers, comparison is a lot more diligent affair. Our free printable comparing 4-digit numbers worksheets help master comparison skills. Let's take 1516 and 1596 - two 4-digit numbers – to look at how things work. We first compare the digits in the thousands place, move on to hundreds, then tens, and finally ones. Here, the numbers share the same digit in all but the tens place. Now, taking the tens digits 1 and 9 into account, we get 1516 < 1596. Follow these steps, compare pairs of 4-digit numbers in these pdf worksheets, and fill in the appropriate symbols in the box in between. Also compare three 4-digit numbers to determine the greatest and smallest numbers in the set.

These free pdf worksheets are best suited for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade children.


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