Convert between Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons Worksheets

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You are certainly going to need a fair idea of the measurements of the volume of liquids in gallons, pints, cups, and quarts, anytime you make a reference to water, milk or your favorite fruit drink. You often serve water or juices to your friends and family, don't you? Have you ever given a thought to the number of cups you can fill with 1 gallon of juice? Let's help you with that. You can fill 16 cups with 1 gallon of liquid, 4 cups with a quart, and just 2 cups with a pint. Isn't it then a great idea to learn conversions right away, with our pdf worksheets on the conversion of these units of volume?

These pdf worksheets are recommended for 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade children.