Convert between Inches, Feet, and Yards Worksheets

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If you're up for a little challenge, we have it right here in these printable worksheets on converting units of inches, feet, and yards from one to the other. They provide just the right level of difficulty to draw the interest of young learners. It's a win-win situation with this worksheet collection if you remember your conversion table. Start your practice with our free worksheets!

Converting between Inches and Feet

Guide children to divide the length by 12 to convert inches to feet, and multiply by 12 to convert feet to inches in these printable converting between inches and feet worksheets.

Converting between Yards and Feet

Watch 4th grade and 5th grade kids multiply by 3 to convert yards to feet and divide by 3 to do it otherwise in these pdf worksheets on converting between yards and feet.

Converting between Yards and Inches

Multiplying by 36 and dividing by 36 are the two strategies children make use of to convert lengths from yards to inches and vice versa in these practice worksheets.

Converting Inches, Feet, and Yards | Mixed Practice

These converting inches, feet, and yards worksheets call for grade 4 and grade 5 kids to recall all they’ve learned about toggling between these three units of length.