Length of a Line Segment Worksheets

Our free printable length of a line segment worksheets enfold practice exercises to perpetuate perfection in measuring the length of a line segment drawn on a coordinate plane. Follow a foolproof process beginning with figuring out the x-y coordinates of both the endpoints by observing the graph, and writing them as an ordered pair, then form a right-angled triangle with the given line as the hypotenuse. Use the coordinates to find the length of the adjacent side (a) which represents the change in x (x2 - x1) and the opposite side (b), denoting the change in y (y2 - y1). Calculate the length of the line segment (d) using the Pythagorean Theorem, d = √ a2 + b2, where d is the hypotenuse, a and b are the adjacent and opposite sides. Our answer key feature promotes self-validation. Wait no longer! Grab the pdf worksheets and get, set, practice and solve for the length of the line segment!

This set of worksheets is recommended for grade 8 and high school students.


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