Midpoint and Distance Worksheets

Count on our printable midpoint and distance worksheets if testing application skills is on your mind. Our pdfs offering a variety of geometrical shapes, whose coordinates are specified as an ordered pair, stand out from the crowd making them the best-practice resource you could lay your hands on. Instruct students to find the midpoint by substituting the coordinates of the endpoints of the specified side of each given shape, and also determine the length of the side by applying appropriate formulas. The free pdf worksheets comprise geometrical shapes like triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles with exercises to find the midpoint of the sides, length of the diagonals, chords, or sides. Students need to find the midpoints to figure out the coordinates and then find the distance, making this a perfect blend to test conceptual knowledge. Included here are answer keys to instantly evaluate, thereby saving time and effort.

These worksheets are a must-have for high school students.


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