Perimeter on a Coordinate Plane Worksheets

Nothing beats the good old printable perimeter on a coordinate plane worksheets that comprise a variety of shapes to be drawn on Cartesian planes. The objective is to get students to learn the application of the formula to find the length of the boundary that surrounds each shape. All that students are expected to do is plot the given coordinates presented as ordered pairs on the xy plane and construct the shape. Then, find the length of each side by substituting the coordinates of its endpoints in the formula. Add up the side lengths to find the perimeter of the shape. Practice is the key that unlocks the doors to mastering any math concept. With a collection of 9 coordinate planes in each pdf, there is so much practice to look forward to. Print the free worksheets and make headway in finding the perimeter of a multitude of shapes on coordinate planes. Do stop by to verify your answers using our answer keys.

This batch of pdf worksheets is curated for students in high school.


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