Division Using a Number Line Worksheets

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Our free printable worksheets on division using a number line are a great place for kids to start. This pdf practice resource for grade 3 and grade 4 covers the entire spectrum of exercises, including drawing hops on number lines, identifying missing numbers in division sentences, completing division equations, MCQs, and much more. Access this practice toolkit with answer key right away, and perform division of numbers using a number line through and through.

This pdf resource on division using number lines is ideal for kids in grade 3 and grade 4.

Completing Division Sentences

Watch 4th grade children demonstrate superior skills at identifying the missing number in each division sentence in this printable set of worksheets. Study the hops and find out the missing number in a jiffy!

Completing Division Sentences

Writing Division Sentences

This pdf resource has what it takes to mold young learners into math experts who know number line division like the back of their hands. Answer the exercises on writing division sentences by keenly observing the hops on the number line.

Writing Division Sentences

Drawing Hops on Number Lines | Division

Kick into gear by dividing numbers on a number line with this printable number line division practice set, diligently drafted to cater to the learning needs of 3rd grade kids. Indicate hops in the reverse order as you divide!

Drawing Hops on Number Lines - Division

Division Using Number Lines | MCQs

Be one step ahead of your peers by performing division on a number line masterfully. Identify the correct division sentence from the given multiple responses in this set of MCQ worksheets ideal for 4th grade kids.

Division Using Number Lines - MCQs

Number Line Division | Mixed Review

Looking for a comprehensive review set to put 3rd grade and 4th grade kids' division skills to the test? Then grab this assortment of easy-to-use tools packed with challenging number line division tasks.

Number Line Division - Mixed Review