Two-Step Equation Worksheets

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Our collection of free, printable two-step equations worksheets is fully equipped to meet the requirements of learners in middle school. A stepping stone to two-step equations, these worksheets help children ease into the topic, offering ample practice in performing inverse operations and simplifying to solve for the unknown variables.

These pdf two-step equation worksheets are highly recommended for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 children.

Two-Step Equations - Level 1

Get practice off the ground with these exercises, where the task is to find the value of the variables in equations with whole numbers as coefficients and constants.

Two-Step Equations - Level 2 | 8 Problems per Page

Add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve each of the eight equations in these pdf two-step equations worksheets for 6th grade and 7th grade kids.

Two-Step Equations - Level 2 | 10 Problems per Page

Watch children effortlessly tackle the ten equations found in each of these printable worksheets, where the task is to solve for the unknown variable.

Two-Step Equations with Decimals Worksheets

These exercises expect math lovers in 8th grade to solve the two-step equations with decimal coefficients and write the values of the unknown variables.

Two-Step Equations with Decimals Worksheets

Two-Step Equations with Fractions Worksheets

Power through fractional coefficients with these printable two-step equations worksheets. Perform inverse operations to solve the equations.

Two-Step Equations with Fractions Worksheets

Two-Step Equations - Mixed Review

Masterfully solve two-step equations with these printable worksheets where the coefficients of the equations are expressed as integers, fractions, and decimals.

Solve and Verify - Two-Step Equations

In these solving two-step equations worksheets, kids first find the value of the variable and then plug the value back in the equation to verify the solution.

Two-Step Equations - Shapes

Use the properties of geometric shapes to solve each problem in these pdf two-step equation worksheets. Frame the equation and find the unknown variable.