Dividing Mixed Numbers Worksheets

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Swing into action with our printable worksheets on dividing mixed numbers, and transform into a whiz-bang at dividing mixed fractions. To solve these pdfs, change the mixed fractions to improper fractions, multiply the dividend with the reciprocal of the divisor, and simplify if and when needed. Always ensure you put the answer in its lowest terms. For instance, 3 ¼ ÷ 1 ½ will mean 13/4 ÷ 3/2. The expression will further turn into 13/4 x 2/3 and will finally result in 13/6. As tricky as this might sound, you can quite turn this into your forte with regular practice. If you need help verifying the solutions, use the included answer key.

Our free dividing mixed fractions worksheets are suitable for 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade.