Simplifying Proper Fractions Worksheets

Bring the house down with our free worksheets on simplifying proper fractions! Display swashbuckling confidence reducing proper fractions to their lowest terms! What is the simplest form of 9/15? There are 25+ similar fractions to simplify in our pdf worksheets. The first step in the process is to expand the numerator and denominator in terms of their prime factors, as 9/15 = (3 x 3)/(3 x 5). The second is to cancel the common factors. What's left over is the simplest form. The expansion has the factor 3 in common. So upon canceling it, we'll be left with 3/5, which is the required simplest form. Repeat the process, solve a series of exercises, and relax about this key topic!

Our printable worksheets on reducing proper fractions are appropriate for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

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