Subtracting Unit Fractions Worksheets

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Looking for ample practice in subtracting unit fractions for your young achievers? Introduce them to our free subtracting unit fractions worksheets and watch how they give them their all! Tightly packed with 14 engaging exercises each, these printables are a must-have resource to let kids train themselves to accurately find the difference between unit fractions, i.e., fractions having the number 1 as the numerator and a whole number as the denominator.

These pdf worksheets are most recommended for students in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 students.


Proper Fractions | Worksheet #1

Guide kids to work out this free tool by identifying the LCM among the denominators, changing and subtracting the numerators, and placing that number over the common denominator.

Proper Fractions 1

Proper Fractions | Worksheet #2

Provide effective practice for young students using this printable tool; inspire kids to perform subtraction of unit fractions and reduce the answers to their simplest form. Suitable for 3rd grade and 4th grade.

Proper Fractions 2

Mixed Review | Worksheet #1

Employ this pdf subtracting unit fractions worksheet to help kids practice rewriting unit fractions as like fractions and subtract from a combination of proper fractions and mixed numbers with skill.

Mixed Review 1

Mixed Review | Worksheet #2

Here’s a great tool for kids to develop a solid learning of unit fraction subtraction. Students should mentally work out the LCM, subtract the numerators, and retain the denominators. Recommended for grade 4 and grade 5 children.

Mixed Review 2