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Access to our free, printable composition of functions worksheets may just make math practice the highlight of study time. Featuring two levels of exercises on finding the composition of two functions, they reiterate that composition of functions f(g(x)) means combining the functions where the output of one g(x) becomes the input of the other f(x). Also included in this set are worksheets on evaluating the compositions of two functions.

Our pdf composition of two functions worksheets are most appropriate for high school children.

Composition of Two Functions - Level 1

Your practice will take off after answering these printable exercises, where the task is to replace every occurrence of x in the outer function with the inner function, in order to combine the two functions.

Composition of Two Functions - Level 2

Let through these level 2 function composition worksheets pdf, where children find the composite functions. Make sure to keep a watch on the order, as f(g(x)) may not be the same as g(f(x)).

Evaluating Compositions of Two Functions

In these composite functions worksheet pdfs, high school kids evaluate the inner function using the given integer value, and then use the result as input to evaluate the outer function.