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The easiest and simplest way of determining the domain and range of a function is from the graph. Inspect the graph and observe the horizontal and vertical extent of it. The horizontal extent along the x-axis (from the left to right) is the domain, and the vertical extent (from the bottom to top) along the y-axis is the range. Express the domain and range using brackets and parentheses. Use [] for open intervals, when the number is included, and () for a closed interval, if the number is not included, braces or curly brackets {} when the domain or range is not an interval of values, but discrete numbers. Follow these basic rules outlined here, and get cracking with this set of printable domain and range worksheets.

These pdf worksheets are highly recommended for grade 8 and high school students.


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Determine the Domain and Range of Functions from Graphs
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2