Recognizing Functions from Graphs Worksheets

Graphs are visual tools that show input values along the x-axis and output values on the y-axis making it easier to comprehend relationships. To figure out whether a graph represents a function or not, instruct high school students to apply the vertical line test. Try drawing a vertical line, if it intersects the graph more than once suggesting that it has more than one output value, then be assured it does not represent a function as a function has only one output value for each input value. These printable identifying functions from graphs worksheets are a must-have for your students to bolster skills in determining if a graph represents a function or not.

These pdf worksheets are apt for grade 8 and high school students.

CCSS: 8.F.A.1, HSF-IF.A.1

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Identifying Functions from Graphs
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2