Comparing Integers Worksheets

Understand how to compare integers by determining if one integer is greater than, less than or equal to the other with our free printable comparing integers worksheets. Comparing two positive integers is just like comparing two whole numbers, whereas comparing two negative integers involves the use of the opposite sign. For adequate practice, use our worksheets on comparing a pair of integers using alligator snouts, comparing using symbols, and circling the largest or smallest integer from a set.

The pdf worksheets are specially designed for grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7 children.

CCSS: 6.NS, 7.NS

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Comparing Integers - Standard | Worksheet #1

Have your names enlisted in the pantheon of comparing experts with this pdf for 6th grade and 7th grade! Compare two integers where one is positive and another negative, both are positive, or both are negative using inequality (<, >) and equality (=) symbols.

Comparing Integers - Standard 1

Comparing Integers - Standard | Worksheet #2

Recall integer facts — the greatest negative integer is -1, the smallest positive integer is 1, and more. Compare the integers with the same and different signs to figure out if an integer is less than, greater than, or equal to another.

Comparing Integers - Standard 2

Comparing Integers - Mixed | Worksheet #1

Ratchet it up from comparing a pair of integers to comparing a set of three! Take two integers at a time, analyze the values and the signs, compare the result with the third one, and circle the largest or the smallest number of the set.

Comparing Integers - Mixed 1

Comparing Integers - Mixed | Worksheet #2

Punch up your comparison skills with this free printable worksheet for grade 6 and grade 7 children! Determine which of the three integers in a set is the greatest in part A, and find which is the smallest in part B.

Comparing Integers - Mixed 2

Identifying Larger and Smaller Integers | Worksheet #1

Get your comparison skills soaring with the help of this fun practice resource! Fishing out the greater or smaller integers with the help of colorful illustrations has never been a more enjoyable activity!

Identifying Larger and Smaller Integers 1

Identifying Larger and Smaller Integers | Worksheet #2

Which integer is greater? – 7 or – 10? It is only with thorough learning that the bright minds will answer ‘–7’! Let the students display their comparison knowledge by identifying the fish having a larger or smaller integer.

Identifying Larger and Smaller Integers 2

Comparing Integers - Cut and Glue | Worksheet #1

Here's a hands-on worksheet for kids! With a fun alligator analogy around, comparing practice goes into a league of its own. Keep children informed of the simple fact that the alligator eats the bigger integer.

Comparing Integers - Cut and Glue 1

Comparing Integers - Cut and Glue | Worksheet #2

Gear up 5th grade and 6th grade students to solve this pdf worksheet presenting fun-filled learning. Children snip the alligator snouts from the bottom, compare a pair of unequal integers, and glue them in such a way that they face the larger integer.

Comparing Integers - Cut and Glue 2

Comparison of Integer Expressions Worksheets

Upskill making comparison of integer expressions with this set of printable worksheets! Perform the indicated operations, evaluate the integer expressions, and compare the values using <, >, and = signs.

Comparison of Integer Expressions Worksheets

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