Slope-intercept Form of a Linear Equation Worksheets

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Help children carve a niche for themselves while expressing equations in the slope-intercept form. The topic covers exercises on expressing the linear equation in slope-intercept form, finding the equation of a line in standard form, finding the slope-intercept represented on a graph, and more.

Children of grade 7 and grade 8 can benefit most from these printable worksheets.

CCSS: 7.EE, 8.EE

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Express the equation in slope-intercept form

Get children hooked on to this amazing worksheet to learn how to convert any linear equation into a slope-intercept form. The worksheet consists of ten linear equations.

Equation of a Line: Slope-intercept Form

Rewrite the equation in y = mx + b form

If you are aiming to have a complete know-how to obtain the equation of the line in y = mx+b form, this free worksheet is a perfect place to start. There are ten problems for children to practice one after the other.

Find the Equation in y = mx + b Form

Write the equation using the given slope and y-intercept

Help your familiarity with slope-intercept form grow from casual to considerable, with this worksheet in which you learn to find the equation of a line when the slope and y-intercept of the equation. Make sure to express the equation in the slope-intercept form.

Express in Slope-intercept Form

Write the equation of a line | Additional practice

Help yourself progress a level up in finding the equation of a line whose slope and y-intercept are given, with the help of this pdf worksheet.

Find the Equation of a Line