Logarithmic Equations Worksheets

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Make use of our free, printable logarithmic equations worksheets to understand how to solve equations with a log on one side by applying the inverse relationship between logarithms and exponents, and to practice solving equations with logs on both sides by setting the arguments equal. This set also includes resources to solve log equations using a calculator.

These pdf logarithmic equations worksheets are recommended for high school students.

Solve for x: Level 1 Easy

Kick off practice with level 1, where students write logarithmic equations with an unknown base, argument, or exponent in the exponential form and solve for x.

Solve for x: Level 1 Moderate

Determine the value of x in these moderate-level log equations worksheet pdfs where the arguments are raised to powers that may be either integers or fractions.

Solve for x: Level 2 Easy

Get a jump on your peers with this level 2 set featuring logarithmic equations with algebraic expressions that require high school students to flex their prowess in the topic as they solve for x.

Solve for x:Level 2 Moderate

Take on the challenge of these moderately difficult, printable worksheets on logarithmic equations, where high school children solve for the unknown variable.

Logarithmic Equations - Easy

Can you solve equations with logs on both sides? Key into the fact that when logs on either side have the same base, we can equate the arguments. Solve with swagger!

Logarithmic Equations - Moderate

A delight for math enthusiasts, these printable logarithmic equations worksheets are sure to help practice sessions shift up a gear with moderately difficult exercises.

Solving Logarithmic Equations Using a Calculator

High school kids are sure to breeze through these pdf worksheets on solving logarithmic equations using a calculator! Turn the logs into exponents and solve the equations with a calculator.