Evaluating Expressions with Nested Parentheses Worksheets

Get cracking with our printable evaluating expressions with nested parentheses worksheets, and watch the topic of nested parentheses turn from a head-scratcher to a no-brainer! Our specially curated pdf worksheets help train children to group numbers and symbols inside parentheses and simplify multiple parenthetical expressions with precision. In a set that has two levels for students to choose from, students must simplify the innermost parentheses first and proceed toward the next, until they reach the outermost parentheses in the expression. Always evaluate the given expression from the inside-out while following the PEMDAS or BODMAS rule in these free nested parentheses worksheets, and never miss to use the included answer keys to verify your answers.

These resources are recommended for students in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

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