Identifying Quadrants Worksheets

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Walk through this set of free printable identifying quadrants worksheets presenting two-dimensional grids made breezy with a bunch of treat-for-eyes pictures. Lay a firm foundation for identifying the four infinite regions or the quadrants of an xy-plane created by the x and y axes that cross each other at the origin. Children recognize the four sections of the grid using the x and y values and represent each quadrant using the Roman numerals I, II, III, and IV counterclockwise.

Our pdf worksheets on quadrants are suitable for 5th-grade, 6th-grade, and 7th-grade students.

Identifying Quadrants | Objects

In this two-part exercise, 5th-grade and 6th-grade kids observe each picture to figure out the quadrant where it belongs, and look at the grid to list out the names of the pictures located at each quadrant.

Identifying Quadrants - Objects

Identifying Quadrants | Points

Instruct learners in grade 5 and grade 6 to observe the points scattered across the xy-plane and figure out the integer coordinates of each point. Jot down the coordinate pairs region by region and complete the task in a jiffy!

Identifying Quadrants - Points

Points on the Quadrants and Axes

Children in grade 7 analyze each ordered pair to the left, visualize its position on the xy-plane at first, and put a check mark in the respective column that denotes its location.

Points on the Quadrants and Axes