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Our free printable maps and coordinates worksheets have tons of foundational practice for students in using an xy-plane to determine the position of an object. We can locate a point using the x and y coordinates. But, can we direct someone using a coordinate pair? Try these pdfs which include studying the ordered pairs indicated atop the grids, plotting the points, connecting them with lines, and helping characters to their destinations. Children can work with either the 1st quadrant alone or all the four quadrants together using the radio buttons.

These pdf worksheets on Maps and Coordinates boost the learning and practice of 5th grade and 6th grade students.

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Maps and Coordinates
Maps and Coordinates - 1st Quadrant - 1
Maps and Coordinates - 1st Quadrant - 2
Maps and Coordinates - All Quadrants - 1
Maps and Coordinates - All Quadrants - 2

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