Plotting Points on the 1st Quadrant Worksheets

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Are you lacking in inspiration while practicing plotting points on the first quadrant? Cheer up! Our vibrant collection of printable worksheets has energy in spades. Here's some quick advice before you get going with these free pdfs! The first quadrant lies in the upper right-hand corner on a coordinating plane, and both the x and y values are positive in this quadrant. In an ordered pair (x, y), x is always the first value and y the second value. Plot the given x and y coordinates of each ordered pair on the first quadrant with the corresponding letter in the first part, and plot the given ordered pair on the first quadrant and draw the small geometric shape as specified in the question in the next part. Do validate your answers using our answer keys!

Our free worksheets are highly recommended for 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students.