Points on the Quadrants and Axes Worksheets

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If x > 0 and y < 0, where is the point (x,y) located? Go straight into our free printable points on the quadrants and axes worksheets, and answer such questions in a jiffy! Featuring a single large tabular column with the four quadrants and the x-axis and y-axis as its six categories, these pdf worksheets are learning and preparation at their most indispensable! Children analyze each ordered pair to the left, visualize its position on the xy-plane at first, and put a check mark in the respective column that denotes its location. They can also identify the position of points by checking whether the given x and y values are less than, greater than, or equal to zero.

Our quadrants and axes worksheets are highly recommended for 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade students.