Expanded Form Worksheets

Hit the right notes while writing numbers in their expanded forms, with this amazing, meticulous collection of free, printable expanded form worksheets! Dig deep into a number and write your expanded take on it. The expanded form of a number is written as a sum where each digit of the number is multiplied by its place value. Let's understand this concept with an example. To write the number 45 in the expanded form, we split the digits into tens and ones and write it as 4 x 10 + 5 x 1. While expressing the number in expanded notation, we can see the value of each digit and understand the importance of place value.

This collection of free worksheets is highly recommended for students in 1st grade through 5th grade.


2-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

Rome was not built in a day. 1st grade and 2nd grade students slowly but steadily excel at writing 2-digit numbers in the expanded form with this collection of free printable worksheets. Break the number into tens and ones and write the value of the digit according to its place value.

Expanded Form | 2-Digit Numbers

3-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

To hunger after an upgrade is to hunger after a great score! Practice writing 3-digit numbers in expanded forms with these free worksheets. Split the number given in numeric notation into hundreds, tens, and ones. Write it as an addition statement showing the place values.

Expanded Form | 3-Digit Numbers

4-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

Let not having to expand numbers make your head spin anymore! Students in 2nd grade and 3rd grade ease into writing 4-digit numbers in expanded forms, with these free pdf resources at their disposal. Instruct them to write the number as a sum of each digit multiplied by its matching place value.

Expanded Form | 4-Digit Numbers

5-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

Let your practice reverberate with a great numerical ambition! Lay a firm foundation for writing the expanded form of 5-digit numbers with this exclusive compilation. Observe the digits of each number and extend the digits according to their place values.

Expanded Form | 5-Digit Numbers

6-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

A high score in number math is just as good as a high score in life! Write 6-digit numbers in the expanded form with this array of free worksheets ideal for grade 3 and grade 4. Take apart the digits in the number and express the digits in terms of their specified place values.

Expanded Form | 6-Digit Numbers

Multi-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

Success with numbers resonates with tough practice! Grade 5 students express multi-digit numbers in expanded form with our print-ready, free pdf practice questions. Expand each digit to show its place value. Validate your answers with the answer key.

Expanded Form | Multi-Digit Numbers

Decimals in Expanded Form

Do you know how to write a decimal number in the expanded form? Take a tour into these decimals in expanded form worksheets and get ahead expanding a decimal numeral according to the place value of its digits!

Expanded Form | Decimals